Why did I create Adventure Tees?

The first honest answer is for myself. I have been working in eCommerce, marketing, and webdesign for quite a while (9+ years) and I wanted to know that I could build something on my own, that I cared about, with products that I wanted. It is as simple as that. I had some experience, I like to build things and I saw an opportunity to do just that with technology that I wanted to learn. It has been an interesting journey. I created a complete eCommerce store, with 16 initial products that I designed, in somewhere around two months and completely in my spare time, mostly on my own (thanks, Becka and Josh). Maybe at some point I will outline how I did that if anyone is interested.

The second answer is that I want to empower and encourage others. I love the outdoors and traveling, and I think that more people need to get outside. Often times I see people post inspiring quotes or phrases and I thought, “someone needs to put that on a t-shirt.” Well, I decided to be that someone. Now, I or anyone else for that matter, can take that inspiration with them on their adventures and share it with others, people they meet on the trail, or in a campsite, or perhaps on an airplane or metro on a whole other continent.

I am not really sure what will come of this website and these products, but one thing is for sure: you will see me sporting them on my adventures and encouraging others to explore, dream, discover.

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